Saturday, 2 July 2011

Elanda Point to Kin Kin Creek

 3 of us started out early on Saturday morning, driving to Elanda Point , just past Boreen Point. We arrived early(for us) at 7 am. it was chilly, but beautiful. Destination Kin Kin Creek.
We found  a couple of changes to the track and have now popped updates to this walk on our website, on the track update page.
This area is usually notorious for mozzies after rain, but they weren't too bad today. The track was wet in parts but passable.
What we noticed though, was the huge amount of birds everywhere. A lot of the gum trees and melaleucas were flowering, heavily scenting the air, and drawing all the birds to the nectar.
Seems July on is a great time to go bird watching in this area.
The walk took us as far as Kin Kin Creek where we had a morning snack on the wooden bridge. Careful, it is very slippery! What a peaceful view over the creek either way, the water was flat as glass, trees either side reflected on the water. the odd bird flitting about. After snacks, we has a short excursion across the creek for a couple of hundred metres. The scenery changes as you cross and becomes wet rain forest, palms, absolutely beautiful! Next time we'll go as far as Harry's hut, today time was an issue.
We were back at the car after 3 hours, not bad for a morning's work.
Coffee, always a huge part of the outing, was at Peter's Cafe in Cooroy, they come highly recommended.
It seems the lovely little cafe in Boreen Point has been closed for a while. Too bad.
Next week we'll climb Mount Coory.

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  1. What a great blog, I love it. I have walked with the three ladies and it's such a buzz getting to know the area through the eyes of people that know the 'secret' spots! The Sunshine Coast and Hinterland have an enormous variety of bush, rain forests and wetlands that are just waiting to be explored on foot! The ebooks and cd's that these three have produced provide a wonderful and accurate guide!