Monday, 18 July 2011

Walking in Mapleton Forest

Mapleton and the Blackall range are one of my most favorite areas to walk. We chose to hike the walk on page 28 on our bushwalking CD called Mapleton Forest Trails Track 2. As it was a bit rainy we chose a track without too many creeks

and slippery down slopes. This one was perfect. It's so great to start early on a winter's day when there is low cloud and fog about. The track was all misty and the forest was shrouded in fog . We chose not to take our hiking poles, as it was cold and we wanted to keep our hands in our pockets. These poles might seem a bit of a pose, but can be a life saver on rocky tracks and I was a bit regretful I decided to leave them in the car as there were some sections of this walk that were a bit slippery.

It's amazing what you forget about a walk and what you remember. I certainly forgot about the slippery down hill slopes.
never mind, the walk was great, not too long, only 1 hour and 15 minutes. One reason we all decided to get hiking poles was that one of us read that they are great for building upper body strength. Can't get enough of that stuff! The walk took us through a beautiful area of Mapleton Forest, no views, but a great hike through the forest.
Coffee in one of the little Cafes in Mapleton afterwards, a great ending to the hike, and home not too late.

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