Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wallum Wild Flowers

Now is the right time to get out there and enjoy the wallum heathland, that comes alive with wildflowers this time of the year.
At first sight this kind of bushland might seem uninspiring, but after having seen it reveal it's secrets at the end of winter and beginning of spring, it certainly has grown on me.
We decided to walk in the Mooloolah River National Park today starting at Claymore Road.. This is usually a very wet area with parts of the track under water for most part of the year. We thought as it had not rained for a few months that the tracks would be passable. This was the case, except for a few sections where we had to get our hiking boots wet.

Never mind, The wildflowers were out in full force in yellow, white, and  purple. Boronia,

Vanilla Lily  and Sundew were growing along the side of the track in profusion. A great time to get some good close up photographs of these lovely dainty flowers.
There was an icy wind blowing, so we did not spend long on the flats, but the trail does continue into the forest, so getting outof the wind was no problem.
Great coffee afterwards at Designer Deserts in Chancellor park! Highly recommended.

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