Saturday, 17 December 2011


The weather looked a bit threatening, but we decided to do a walk up Mount Coolum as we heard that the track had been changed. When we arrived at the start of the walk at about 7am (I know, that's late for us, I don't know what happened !) there were about 20 cars parked near the entrance of the walk, well we're used to seeing no one on our walks, we've been spoilt, so we decided to change to Emu mountain instead.
There, to our delight was no one! 
The start to the walk had slightly changed, the road is now a cul de sac, and to park you'll need to turn left onto a concrete driveway at the end of the road as described on our CD:
52 of the best walks on the Sunshine Coast available from our website:
It didn't take long to get to the top, but the view was great especially on a day when it was overcast: 
the light was great!

We could see the whole range of mountain peaks of the area from where we were: 
Mount Ninderry, Mount Coolum, Mount Cooroy, Point Glorious and Mount Tinbeerwah.
Coming back down we started spotting a whole lot of flowers we hadn't seen going up, busy as we were with the track. The flowers were small as is usually the case in australia, but beautiful and delicate.
The walk is great to take the kids on as it is not too demanding, the top is also a great whale watching spot during whale migrating season in July August.
We finished the morning with a coffee at the Coffee Club in Coolum opposite the caravan park.


  1. Julia says - good to see you walk in the warmer months, but this year has been an exception. i have been on both this walk and the buderim tramway walk but love hearing your comments. Enu mountain is a favourite especially for taking the grandchildren. I look forward to seeing where you walk in 2012 and enjoy reading about it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy new year to all fellow lovers of walking in the bush!It's great to get feedback, we have been a bit slack as it has been holiday season, but will be back on deck with renewed vim this new year.