Sunday, 12 February 2012

Climbing Mount Coolum

The track up Mount Coolum has recently been renovated as negotiating the basalt flow rock formation halfway to the top was hairy to say the least! As this track is very popular with local families, I am sure everyone has been very happy with the improvements. The track up the steeper sections of the hill has been beautifully redone in attractive stone work to withstand whatever the weather might throw at the mountain. Of course once at the top, the view has not changed and is as expansive as ever.

Walking up the first section it is advisable not to stand still as I did to take a couple of photos of a duck in a tree of all things, as the mozzies were fierce!.

However once cleared of the forest  the mosquitoes disappeared. This walk gets quite busy and it is advisable to either start very early or leave the walk till later in the day.
Happy hiking from the Sunshine Coast Bushwalks team!

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  1. Beautiful article and love the photo's!
    Greetings from NSW,