Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ewen Maddock Dam Track one

Ewen Maddock dam, what a beautiful area. We are so lucky to have walking tracks around this water reservoir. We decided to follow track one, as described in our ebook on Cd " Sunshine Coast Bush Walks" 52 of the most beautiful walks on the sunshine coast, page 64.
The track starts at the rest area off Mooloola Connection Road.
It was a wet day, but that did not matter. Often our best walks are done in the rain and it certainly does not stop us. A poncho seems to be the best wet weather gear as it it as great way to also cover your backpack if you are carrying one.
Track one follows the edges of the dam and gives you beautiful view across the water all the way to the glasshouse mountains.

There are many photo opportunities along the track and the area is rich with birdlife.
When there has been a lot of rain, which is the case at the moment, you may find some water across a causeway, but this is easily forded.

Once we reached the metal gates at Ford Road we return the same way.
We decided to take the trouble to drive on to the delightful little town of Mooloolah where we had our coffee and cakes at the Thunderbird Cafe.


  1. i really look forward to reading about your walks. i have been out and about with my 2 friends but the two last walks you have done are still on our to do list. the wet weather we have had certainly has made the country beautiful. thanks for sharing your experiences, keep it coming, i appreciate the work you put into your blogs. Julia