Saturday, 25 August 2012

Wallum Heathland Wildflowers

It's the best time of the year to enjoy the beautiful wildflowers that bloom in late winter on our Wallum Heathland. Some of the best areas for walks on the Sunshine Coast to enjoy the wildflowers are Marcus Dunes, and Mooloolah National Park.
Mooloolah National Park has a couple of entrances, one of them is off Kawana Way near the Mooloolah river. The park has several signposted trails, it is usually a bit wet underfoot, but as it has not rained in about a month, we only encountered one boggy section.
We were rewarded for our early morning start with a profusion of wildflowers everywhere.

                                                                       Vanilla Lilly

These were tipped with early morning dew and made for great photos. It took twice as long to do our usual circuit, but we certainly came home with a great set of pictures.
                                                                    Common Sundew

As flowers in Australian nature often very subtle, this is certainly a great opportunity to see a profusion in colour in the Bush.

                                                                    Wallum Dampiera

 Don't miss out as the wildflower season doesn't last long, get out there and enjoy!

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